The hosts of tomorrow went to the Victory Park memorial complex
Motherland is a sacred place. We are all equally responsible for its peace and tranquility.
15 Mar
Dear women were honored|
Every year March 8 is celebrated internationally as women's day.
07 Mar
The result of international cooperation
On February 9, 2023, Rahimov Sharof Murodovich, a senior researcher of the "Glory" state museum, participated in the international conference held in Moscow, Russia, with a lecture on "Courage of Uzbeks in the Battle of Stalingrad".
05 Mar
In the memorial complex
A festive event was held in the memorial complex "Garden of Victory" in connection with the 31st anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and January 14 "Defender of the Fatherland Day".
10 Jan
In connection with the Day of Defender of the Motherland on January 14, meetings of the
In the memorial complex "Victory Park" in connection with the Day of Defenders of the Motherland on January 14, a meeting of "Three Generations" was organized. It was attended by veterans and officers of the Ministry of Defense, pupils of children's and teenage military-patriotic movements "Support of the Motherland" and representatives of the general public.
06 Jan
Foreign young people studying in our country traveled to “Victory Park”
It is known that pupils and students studying in all educational institutions of our country went on winter vacation. All facilities and conditions are being created for them to spend this vacation meaningfully and effectively.
02 Jan
Educational and methodological training for guide-interpreters continues in the
In the scientific-research institute for the study of cultural heritage objects and development of tourism, as part of a one-week training course for guides, training sessions related to the activities of the "Victory Park" memorial complex and the "Shon-Sharaf" state museum within it were organized.
21 Dec
The memorial complex
Together with the Institute for Tourism Development and the memorial complex "Victory Park", advanced training courses for guides working in our country were organized.
14 Dec
A delegation of representatives of the National Guard of the Republic of Tajikistan visited the memorial complex
The delegation headed by the Deputy Commander of the National Guard of the Republic of Tajikistan Major General Samarzoda Kiyomiddin Sharaf visited the Victory Park memorial complex.
13 Dec
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