International Women's Day was widely celebrated on March 8
With the arrival of spring, the days get warmer, and the nature gradually wakes up and beauty begins to take over the surroundings.
06 Mar
On March 5 of this year, an awarding ceremony was held for the winners of the development projects of the "Heroes' name alive" memorial complex in the meeting hall of the "Shon-Sharaf" state museum at the "Victory Garden" monument.
05 Mar
I am a loyal child of my country
It is known that in recent years in our country measures aimed at raising young people in the spirit of patriotism, strengthening their feelings of love and affection for the Motherland, as well as making them worthy successors of their ancestors are being implemented on a large scale.
02 Mar
A telecast on the theme of "Sound of Siege" was organized at the "Shon-Sharaf" state museum under the "Victory Garden" memorial complex under the Ministry of Defense. Representatives of St. Petersburg, Aznakaevo, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan took part in this telecast, which was organized on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the besieged city of Leningrad during the Second World War.
24 Jan
Heads of trade union organizations of Central Asian countries visited
It is known that every year in our country, November 11 is widely celebrated as the Day of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.
07 Nov
The future generation of our country solemnly accepted the “Promise”
The future defenders of the Motherland, who study at Temurbek schools No. 185 of the Almazar and No. 201 Chilanzar districts of our capital, promised: “In the future, we will faithfully serve our holy Motherland!”
03 Nov
In our country, effective work is being carried out on the permanent seasonal organization of the nationwide project "Green Space".
27 Oct
Participants of the School of Courage meeting organized an excursion to Victory Park
Young people participating in the “School of Courage” training in one of the military units located in the Syrdarya region of the Tashkent Military District, and the military personnel responsible for them, visited the “Victory Park” memorial complex and the “State Museum of Glory”, located in our capital.
20 Oct
Pakistani military delegation visited Victory Park
A delegation from the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan visited Victory Park.
18 Oct
The Belarusian military delegation visited to the Victory Park memorial complex
Military delegation led by the deputy minister of defense of the Republic of Belarus for logistics, major-general Andrei Burdiko visited to Uzbekistan.
10 Oct
Foreign guests accessed highly the
An international scientific-practical conference on theme "One place, one road: opportunities and problems, migration, tourism and political economy" is being held in Tashkent in cooperation with Alfraganus university and Najmuddin Erbokan university of Turkey.
02 Oct
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